Can I change my username?

Yes. Your username is the email you registered with. Go to Settings and tap Change Username.
Remember that this changes both Username and Contact Email.

Can I change my password?

Yes. Go to Settings and tap Change Password. You need your current username and password to change this.

Can I edit my Profile Picture?

Yes. Go to your profile and tap on your profile picture, then take a new picture with your phone or choose one from your gallery.

I don’t want to show my email and phone.

Just go to Settings and select what you want to show or not.

I want to delete my account

Go to Settings and tap Delete Account. Remember that when you delete your account, you delete all your personal info. It means that you will not be able to access your Events or dinners any more.

A user publish objectionable content

Yo may report users on the dinners screen by tapping the three dots on the top right of the dinner card. If the user publish objectionable content we will act within 24 hours by removing the content and ejecting the user who provided the offending content.


Is it possible to change my Event?

Yes. Everyone can change their own Events. If you own the Event, there is an “Edit icon” in the top right on the Event Picture. Tap there and you can change the name, image and delete users from the Event.

I can’t see who won the Event

You won’t see who won the Event before everybody has voted. If there is a user that don’t vote you can remove the user from that Event to show the winner. If the user have voted for some dinners, but not all, the votes the user have given will be reset.

Can I delete my event?

Yes. Just tap the red trash can on your event. Remember that when you delete your event, you also delete all related dinners and the chat group related to the event.


I can’t edit my dinner

You can’t edit your dinner if it’s less than 12 hours to start. If you have to cancel, let the guest know in the Events Chat Group, or contact them by email or phone.

Dinner is finished, but I can’t roll the dice (vote)

Unfortunately you have to wait 4 hours after start to rolle the dice. We don’t want you to roll the dice before the dinner is finished:)


I sent a wrong message

You can delete your own messages. Just long press the message you want to delet and tap Delete.

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