How it works

Download the app from AppStore or GooglePlay, create a free account and start planning your Event.

Create an Event

Download the app and create a free user. Create an event and start planning the firs dinner. You may also join a dinner at a friends event. Every member of the event plan their own dinner.

Invite your friends

After you have created an event, you can start inviting your friends. Either by sending them an invitation code or asking them to scan the QR code for your event.

Agree in the chat

When you create an event you also create a chat group for the event. Use it to plan the dinners and chat about the event and dinners.

Roll the dice

When the dinners are completed, you can roll the dice. The votes are anonymous. When all dinners have been completed, a winner is chosen

Let’s Meet and Eat,
and get social for real!

Try it out, it's free!
Available for iOS and Android

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